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Your hormone systems are some of the most important in your body.
They regulate your body temperature, weight, sleep, hair growth, and general well-being.
As we age, the systems often get imbalanced, resulting in many symptoms that reduce our quality of life.

Now there is hope! Bio-identical hormones are non-synthetic, plant-based hormones that are identical to the ones made by our bodies.
As a result, they have fewer side effects and patients feel better when using them versus synthetic hormones.

Biote is a leader in offering bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.
Our hormone pellet method is one of the safest, widely studied, and effective methods of natural hormone replacement therapy.

Our services include:

Extensive hormone laboratory evaluation – This can either be charged to your insurance, or we have a greatly reduced cash price.

30-minute consultation with Dr. Whelchel
Biote hormone pellet therapy (if indicated)
Thyroid evaluation, treatment, and management
Vitamin D and B12 evaluation, treatment, and management.
Reduced price on high-quality supplements (when recommended).
Periodic follow-up appointments when indicated.

Dr. Jeff Whelchel and his staff have been offering Biote therapy since 2016 and have thousands of satisfied customers.

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